Redefining Trade by TradeWindow | The state of trade: with Stephen Jacobi

ABAC Chair Rachel Taulelei comments on the first ever ABAC Indigenous Business Leaders Dialogue held on 7 July

What’s happening with trade and Covid-19? Stephen Jacobi discusses the impact of Covid on NZ trade prospects.

What is RCEP?

What’s happening with Brexit and the NZ/UK Free Trade Agreement?

What is APEC?

Why does China matter to New Zealand? Stephen Jacobi explains more about the relationship with our largest trading partner.

What is TradeWorks? Stephen Jacobi explains more about our organisation.

What is the AANZFTA? Learn about this important agreement with ASEAN, Australia and NZ.

What does a digital economy and digital trade mean for NZ?

What are the benefits and challenges of a NZ/EU FTA?

What are the benefits of a free trade agreement and how does it translate to my own pocket?

Can we ensure that free trade works with priorities like climate change?

Will President Trump ruin our chances of more trade with the United States?

I try to support NZ retailers, but some goods are only available on Amazon.

Are we too reliant on China for trade?

Will there be an FTA with India? Do we need to make any significant concessions?

Why do we want an FTA with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union?

Do TAs mean that the NZ govt can be sued for looking after the environment/welfare?

Do we have to accept all goods coming into NZ, even bad ones?

What does trade mean for this fourth generation kiwifruit grower? Andre Hickson shares his story.

What does trade mean for kiwifruit growers? Sean and Joanne Carnachan tell their story.

Trade impacts real New Zealanders, every day. In this video series, NZIBF board members and representatives of our member organisations talk about how trade matters.

Klazien Voogt, trade strategist, talks honestly about why trade matters for young New Zealanders and why we should all pay attention.

Malcolm Bailey talks about why trade matters for every day kiwis from all over the country and in all sorts of jobs.

Michael Barnett, Auckland Chamber of Commerce, talks about why trade matters globally for New Zealand businesses.

Graeme Harrison talks about why trade matters for working New Zealanders and keeping jobs and families thriving.

Catherine Beard, of ExportNZ, talks about why trade agreements matter for a small country like New Zealand and the impact it has on all Kiwis.