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Media release, 24 March 2020

The New Zealand International Business Forum (NZIBF) today welcomed the Government’s efforts to keep global supply chains open as an essential tool in combatting the effects of the Covid-19 virus.

“Trade has a role to play in the fight against Covid-19” said NZIBF Chair Malcolm Bailey. 

“Too many economies are already limiting access to the essential tools to fight the pandemic, imposing export restrictions on medical equipment and drugs.  Many more are maintaining tariffs on even the most basic protective items such as soap and disinfectant.   It is vital that even if passenger movements are restricted supply chains for medical equipment and essential supplies such as food are allowed to function”.

Mr Bailey welcomed the New Zealand and Singapore Governments’ announcement on 21 March that they would continue to maintain open and connected supply chains and would work closely to identify and address trade disruptions with ramifications on the flow of necessities.

“This is a time for leadership on the part of all economies not to resort to even more mindless protectionism, but to ensure all economies work co-operatively together to address the challenge facing the global economy”, concluded Mr Bailey.

For further information:
Malcolm Bailey, Chair, cell 021 741 165

Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, cell 0294 725 502 

About NZIBF (
NZIBF is a business organisation which aims to generate wealth for New Zealanders by helping ensure that New Zealand enterprises are fully integrated and engaged in the global economy and New Zealand’s global competitive position is maximised.  

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